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Ask    Submit   Jon Watts is a Director/Producer based out of Atlanta, Georgia.


    Homespun Series/ATLFF →


    In case you missed it, we’re partnering with the Atlanta Film Festival to bring you our Homespun Series. Check out the link to find out more information, and to buy tickets to our first screening on Friday, November 15th, 9:00pm, at the Plaza Theatre. Come join, and help spread the word!!

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    Don’t forget everyone that Machine Gun Mary airs tomorrow night on PBA30, Atlanta’s PBS Station, at 12:30am, and Sunday at Midnight!

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    "Machine Gun Mary" on Atlanta Shorts →


    We are truly excited to announce that to kick off the Homespun screenings on November 15th, “Machine Gun Mary” will air on Atlanta Shorts. This show is part of PBA30, Atlanta’s PBS station. Atlanta Shorts host Debra McDavid will introduce the series before “Machine Gun Mary.” The first broadcast will be Saturday, November 2nd, at 12:30am, with a rerun on Sunday, November 3rd, at 12:00 midnight. Make sure to mark your calendars, then come see it on the big screen two weeks later at the Plaza and meet the subject in person!

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    Chelsea + Andrew →

    Excited to have worked with Cooper & Co. on my first wedding. Thanks to Chelsea and Andrew Corless for letting me be a part of their day. Enjoy!

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    This is the teaser for the upcoming “Golden Child” from filmmaker Brantly Jackson Watts. The film will have its world premiere Friday, November 15th, at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta. Keep checking our blog for the most up to date information. Thanks, and enjoy!

    Golden Child teaser is up!

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    #KimballHouse Awesomeness.

    #KimballHouse Awesomeness.

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    With Cooper & Co. for wedding fun-ness.

    With Cooper & Co. for wedding fun-ness.

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    First Homespun Screenings!


    We are excited to announce that the first three films for Homespun will screen at The Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, GA. on Wednesday, November 6th. We’d like to personally thank The Atlanta Film Festival for partnering with us on this venture. More details soon, but mark your calendar folks!

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    Homespun Mentioned In Scoutmob!


    Creator Brantly Watts discusses the idea behind Homespun, as well as the first screening coming September 18th at the Plaza Theatre. Check it out!


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    AKA Blondie Event July 31st.

    We just got wind that both July 31st screenings are almost sold out, so if you haven’t yet, get your tickets. Thanks!


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